A visit of the USA

Everyone has a few places which he or she would like to visit once in the life. For someone it is China, Tibet, Egypt, Hawaii and so on. I also have some dream places which I would like to see once in my life. Greece, Switzerland, New Zealand, GB and the USA belong amoung these countries. Most of all I`d like to visit the country of 'an American dream'. I would like to see this country full of contrasts with all its beauty and graceless.

If I come to the USA I would like to see New York. Because this 'Big Apple' is something like an exorcism. I think that this city could be full of surprises. It is also quite unusual to see lined town or city. This city is also considered to be one of the biggest in the whole world so we can see and meet so many people there - it is something like modern Babylon.

Another place which I would like to see is Washington D.C. I have seen some pictures of this city and it looks so white and tidy as if nobody lives there. We can also see quite often the White house in news programmes and it is the reason why I would like to stay there once and see it on my own.

And the third place which I want to visit is Philadelphia, which is the fifth largest city in the USA. The place where there was subscribed The Declaration of Independence in 1776.
But I understand people who say that they do not want to see this country because of much crime, crowds of people and some other reasons.

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