Analysis of the upcoming Google Chrome OS


The aim of this analysis is to evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of the upcoming operation system Google Chrome that should be released in the middle of 2010. Introducing the Google Chrome OS is a piece of bad news for Google’s rival - Microsoft that has been unsuccessfully trying to take a bigger part in web search and advertising which by the way generates 99% of Google’s revenue. Let’s take a closer look at what will be like and who it may be suitable for.


Google Chrome OS is said to be a lightweight, secure and fast OS that will be based on Linux using its Chrome Browser as an interface. Google realized that most of the things people do on computers are on the Internet which is the platform where Google have always been strong at and can take the advantage of that.

Moreover online technologies have made a great progress in recent years: Internet connection is getting faster and more widespread, services such as Youtube, Twitter and Facebook have „conquered” the world.

Nowadays you can write documents, create spreadsheets and presentations on Google Documents. Google also works on technology that allows you to work in spite of being offline.


On the other hand, there are also a few points I doubt about:

First of all, online applications may suffer from being too slow. It always takes a while to send and receive the request. Even though Google tries hard to make its browser really fast and to process Javascript quickly, but in my opinion it is not going to be as fast as a native application.

Secondly, this operation system will probably be too much simple and will not be able to satisfy all users’ needs.

Thirdly, Google has to deal with the same issues as Linux such as compatibility problems with various devices (cameras, printers and smartphones and others).

Finally, as an open source product Google Chrome OS will be available for free.


To sum it up, Google Chrome OS is another piece of puzzle to Google’s portfolio. It is going to strengthen its position even more and it might be an ideal choice for people who spend most of their computer time on the Internet or do not have big requirements. It is expected that Google Chrome will find its place on netbooks and will be a great competitor to Microsoft Windows XP and 7 in this segment.

From my point of view, as the development in information technologies takes another step forward in a few years, this concept may turn out to be successful. There might be a day when everything will be just processed in a huge computer centers and then just send to our screens.
However, only time will show us whether this idea was right or wrong because there are still too many problems to overcome to become really widespread.



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