Ancient Towns

PRAGUE is the Capital of the Czech republic. It has got the leading position as for the number of foreign visitors. It was proclamed the Europien City of culture for the year 2000. The most visited place in Prague is the Prague Castle.
TÁBOR in Southern Bohemia was the centre of Hussite movement in the past.

KUTNÁ HORA is on the UNESCO list of the world cultural heritage. In the Middle Ages it was a royal town where silver was mined and silver coins minted. The town itself is full of Gothique and Baroque sights. Visitors to Kutná hora admire esspecially the breathtaking cathedral of Sant Barbora.
ČESKÝ KRUMLOV belongs to the best preserved medieval towns in this country. It´s known for its chateaux, the open air theatre with a revolving stage. The main festivals of Český Krumlov are the Festival of the Five-petalled Rose and the Festival of Classical Music. The former is a Renaissance costumed parade of hundrets of people who either walk or ride a horse through the town towards the main square where the festival´s opening ceremony takes place. The latter is popular with lovers of classical music.

CHEB is an ancient town where Albrecht z Valdštejna was assassinated and where a group of Gothique merchants´houses known as "Špalíček" can be found.

TELČ has got a beautiful Reneissance chateaux housing valuable pictures by famous paintors. The Long square is lined with reneissance houses.

KROMĚŘÍŽ is known for its gardens and a charming Baroque chateaux with a picture gallery.

OLOMOUC is a university town, the town of flowers. The most visited sights of Olomouc are: the Town Hall with an astronomical clock and the unique Baroque column in the square with lot´s of statues.

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