Here are some informations you should already know for your visit in Australia.


Casual clothing is very much a part of the Territory lifestyle. However, reasonable dress standards are maintained in restaurants, hotels and casinos. For example, men should wear open-necked shirts, trousers and shoes.Even in summer it is advisable to have a warm sweater because an evening of 15°C can seem quite cool after a 38°C day. And remember to bring a good pair of comfortable walking shoes. In the bush you will be more comfortable in jeans or similar practical clothing, and strong comfortable rubber-sole shoes.

Other Hints

It´s a good idea to always carry an adequate supply of any medication you may require. Hats, sunglasses, sun lotions and blockout creams are also a must. And the sun may be warmer and stronger than people from other climates expect. It´s also advisable to carry a reliable insect repellant - either spray or cream.


Maximum temperatures during the summer reason reach around 34°C at the Top End, and up to 42°C in the Centre. The Top End tends to have relatively high humidity during summer, while the Centre´s humidity is always low.

How to travel in Australia:

- by air - it´s the fastest and most convenient way to travel
- by coach
- by rail - There´s one direct train service to Alice Springs: The famous Ghan.
- by car or caravan - Then you should always carry plenty of water, extra petrol , spare parts and - of course a good map

The Aboriginal

The Aboriginal people of Australia´s Northern Territory represent one of the world´s oldest, if not oldest, continuing cultural tradition.In recent years, Aboriginal communities have been keen to develop opportunities through which they can relate part of their stories, lifestyle and traditions for visitors. Consequently their tours are very special, for the guides have had 40 000 years of training in Aboriginal culture. Visitors can participate in and learn more about the rich cultural tradition from the custodians.

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