Baroque - a stylistic term used for art and style of the and 17. th century.
The word was first used by meaning of something negative absurd, exagerated and grotesque.

It had developed, as many others, from the previous- in this case from Rainassance.It has used the same basic forms, which were borroved from classical ruins- columns, pilasters, cornices (římsa),,mouldings (formování), but in the quite different concept.

While Rainassance uses central shapes like circle and square, Baroque has oblong shapes

It arose on thee demand ( potřeba) of universal expresive and persuasive (přesvědčivý) visual language capable (schopný) of reaching spectators (diváky) of all clases. It was mostly ilusionistic and figurative. It impresed on human emotions and feelings. Lines were wavy, dynamic, curved, dramatic and expressive. Greatest sculptors were: Brokof- more stative, smooth, polish and Braun- dramatic, great diferences between light and dark places, with holes inside.…. Paintors : Rembrandt, Rubens, Tizian, Carravagio, Velasques, Zurbaran , Ribera,………..

Architects: Bernini, Dietzenhofer

Architecture.- large and roomy interiors into which the light would stream through a majestic dome. Waveforms are curved, dynamic.Oblong shape emphatizing the main altar.A row of small chapels was distributed oneither side of the nave each of which had an altar of its own.

majestic dome – maj. kupole
emphasizing – zdůraznúje
nave – lod
onward – kupředu
label – nálepka
accuse – obvinit
ground plan - půdorys
disregard – znevážit
employ – použít
oblong – podlouhlý
apse – apsida
main altar – hl. oltář
waveform - křivky

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