Cultural life in our town

There are many ways of spending leisure time in our town. We can go to the cinema,to the theatre,dancing, or we can stay at home and listen to the radio, watch television and read books.

There are two cinemas here which offer various films all the year round. On Sunday afternoon they show special films for children. Nowadays we can get the tickets straight away at the cinema,about half an hour before the performances.Some people like to sit at the back but I usually buy tickets to the first row which is more comfortable then others. Before I decide to go to the cinema,I choose the films very carefully. I do not like american commercial film and I am fond of witty comedies,psychological drama and films about young people above all.I am also glad to see films directed by my favourite directors.I prefer foreign films which are not dubbed but provided only with subtitles because it is a good oppurtunity for me to test my knowledge of English language.

There is also one theathre.But I do not like going to the theatre,the opera or the ballet.I have not enjoyed its performances.I usually go there only during the school year. In the cultural house dancing lessons,discos,balls,concerts and book sales aro also held. When I was in the second form I took dancing lessons there too. We learned both standart dances, such as the polka,waltz or tango and Latin American ones such as th rumba, cha cha and some disco and modern dances.

Even if we are not concertgoers and experts in the fine arts, we live in the world surrounded by music and architecture without actually realizing it. Our town offer a lot of opportunities to enjoy performances of both serious and pop music. They often invite renowned symphonic orchestras.We can also listen to church , organ and chamber music,operas,operettas and musicals. Stars of pop,jazz and rock music usually give their concerts in large concert halls or sports stadiums. Festivals of country music and brass band music are often held in this region.At Christmas time carols are often heard.

In our everyday life we also meet with works of the fine arts,either architecture,sculptures or painting. When we see both secular and ecclesiastical buildings,such as castles,chateaux,palaces,churches,cathedrals we must admire the art of architecture of the old builder-masters.

In museums and art galleries,which display sculptures and paintings,we look with pleasure at statues and sculptural groups cut in sandstone,granite,marble,carved in wood or moulded in clay,plaster or bronze,or have a high regard for paintings painted in oil and in watercolours,drawings,graphic art,engravings,etchings or woodcuts.

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