Culture and sport activities

Look at one our day. One day takes 24 hours. We can divide the day in three parts. About eight hours we sleep. The next eight hours we spend at work or at school. And what about the last eight hours? It builds our spare time. In this time we can do what we want. People almost devote this time the sport or culture.
The cultural life concentrates in the first place to the towns. There is not any problem to find the cinemas or summer cinemas, theatres, concert halls, museums, clubs, pubs with live music, cultural houses in the bigger towns. Sometimes we can visit the exhibitions, public readings and forums with authors, concerts or meetings with politicians, actors, singers or other attractive personalities. And if we need little movement, then we go to the fitness centres, sport centres, athletic fields, tennis-courts, swimming pools, gyms or weight rooms. Everybody can choose the best variant for himself.

What about me and sport?

I love watching sport on TV. I admire the sportsmen, who train for days to show their performance, that takes in some examples only a few seconds or minutes. Because of it I could not do it. To the one moment they must give all, all concentration and strength. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t. It is exciting. I love watching tennis, hockey, ice skating, skiing and the winter Olympiad games.
I don’t like exercises before other people. But I go in for sport at the weekend, I do aerobic and exercises. Then I like table tennis, cycling, swimming, ice-skating etc., but not regularly, only for relaxation and fun.

And the culture

I like visiting exhibitions and sometimes museums, too. I like going to the clubs with my friends for listening to music and dancing; going to the concerts and to the cinemas.
I love films at all. And the best place, where we can watch a film, is the cinema. A good film on the big silver screen and the ambient sound, it is for me pleasantly spent spare time. I can forget my problems and concentrate only on the story, that enacts on the screen.
The best film, I have recently seen, was for me the musical Moulin Rouge by Baz Luhrmann (e.g. too Romeo and Juliet with L. DiCaprio). It was one year ago. But it was a really beautiful movie. It was inspired by an old Hellenic legend about Orpheus and his love the fay Euridika, who Orpheus goes save from the netherworld. The story was brought to the Paris in 1900. Orpheus´ name is Christian, and he is a young talented boy and wannabe Bohemian from Scotland, who comes to the Montmartre to write about ideals of the revolution - truth, beauty freedom - and mainly about love. Moulin Rouge is a ballroom and brothel, where the men came in to the young and beautiful netherworld. When Christian had seen Satine, he falls in love. But Satine is a courtesan, she sells her love to the men. Satine has a task, talk a duke into investing into the brothel. His owner Harold Zidler wants to rebuild it in a theatre with Satine as the first actress. She should offer her body and give her love to the duke. Satine doesn’t know him and she confuses the old duke with Christian, and she falls in love, too. But Satine doesn’t want live in the poverty. Satine wants keep the duke at bay without losing his patronage, but he discovers the lovers and wants kill Christian. It doesn’t success him. And Satine finds late out, that the love is more than the money. The story ends tragically, Satine is dieing of tuberculosis.
This film is one great show: first-class actors (Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor), marvellous costumes and choreography, striking music (reconstructive songs from Queen, Madonna, Bryan Adams, David Bowie). I saw this musical thrice and whenever I was surprised at something else.

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