Greenhouse effect

„ Greenhouse effect “

1, What is it caused with ?
name the problem
2, What are it’s problem on environment ?
3, What is the possible cure, if any ?

- Civilisation has brought many advantages but also disadvantages and some of its products {or parts of products} pollute and damage the environment and nature.
- Pollution affects not only air, water and land, but also people, animals and plants.

- “ Greenhouse effect “ is caused with air pollution. Several gases have been identified as contributing “greenhouse effect ”. About 30% of air pollution comes from factories and electric powerstations and about 50% from cars, plains and so on. The “greenhouse effect ” gases are carbon dioxide / CO2 /, produced by burning fossil fuels, nitrogen oxides , from car exhausts, called methane, CFCs / chloro fluoro carbons /, from refrigerators, freons and some other gases.

- Ozone also contributed to the “ greenhouse effect “. It is produced by the chemical reaction of sunlight and car exhaust fumes. It’s the major pollutant in the summer.

- The results are : the rise in the Earth’s temperature, melting of arctic ice, the flooding of are situated near the sea level and extending of the desert areas.

- And hoe can we solve this problem ? There are still some possibilities…

1, we can use alternative resources of energy / such as :solar, water, wind, geothermal energies /.
2, we can use catalytic converts / they will able to turn dangerous gases into CO2, nitrogen and water vapour /.
3, we can use unleaded petrol

4, we can be more considerate to nature around us.

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