Holidays and festivals

All people around the world celebrate a lot of holidays and festivals. They are for example: birthday, wedding, Easter, Christmas or New Year, and etc.

The most popular is Christmas it is from 24th December to 26th December. Christmas is holidays of birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. Christmas is very important for children. Because they get presents from Santa Claus. People have a Christmas tree with lights and many decorations. In the Czech Republic people have presents under the Christmas tree on 24th December evening and in England people have presents in Christmas socks on 25th December morning.

Next very popular celebration is Sylvester (New Year’s Eve). This day or night is mainly for adults, because they celebrate with very much alcohol. New Year come to us at midnight. Sylvester in the Czech Republic is the same as in England.

Easters is only Catholic festivals. In families girls decorate eggs and give them as presents.

The date 28th of October is very important date of our history. In 1918 there was founded the independent Czechoslovak Republic. Therefore this day is our national holiday.

On 31st October people in England and America celebrate Halloween. Children have ghostly costumes and go to their friends or neighbours to give carols. The favourite habit is to make a head from pumpkin. Eyes, nose and mouth are cut and burning candle is in the middle.

In the USA are similar holiday and festivals as in the Great Britain. The Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the 4th November. Many families are together and eat traditional dinner roast turkey.

People around the world celebrate different holidays and festivals. It depends on nationality and faith.

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