I am a carp day before the Christmas

I am a carp. I don’t have good feeling about it. I don’t like any carps, we are only stupid fishes which only lazy swim and lazy breath. But today there is something other. The people who catch us name it „a Christmas“. I don’t now why they catch us a few days before Christmas more then other time. But some of us have that luck that they are freed. I hide to them about 5 years but I am so old, I thing that I can’t hide to them this year. It is here I see a net before me and it is moving to me. They catch and stun me, now I see only dark. When I give up I am in the pool which is full of other carps. There isn’t much space. Many people watch over us. One take me and give me on the wood table no which is some red water. That people take a hammer and lift it over his head, I think this is my last minute but what was that? I heard something it is something like “I want him live” and people with hammer pull it back on the table. They pull me to the bag and he carry me to his home. He pull me to the bath and then some younger people look at me. The second day they return me back to lake. I will die next year.

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good doufám že nedostanu nejhorší referát za 3-4 :)
potřebuji prostý a pruběhový čas o vánocích