Jules Verne - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Author: Jules Verne

Characters: Dr. Pierre Aronnax, Conseil, Captain Nemo, Ned Land

Plot: Professor Aronnax is a French naturalist who decides one day to take a place on an expedition to hunt down a monster. Nobody knows what this monster exactly is so the expedition could be really dangerous. His servant Conseil goes with him as always. They spend many days on a ship called Abraham Lincoln but their effort is useless – they can’t find anything. When they decide to go back home the monster appears. Harpooner Ned Land tries to kill it but its body is too steely. When it seems that the monster floats away it suddenly attacks the ship and all the main characters fall to the water. Then they find out that the strange thing wasn’t a monster but a submarine called Nautilus. Its captain is named Nemo. He take Pierre Aronnax, Conseil and Ned Land on board and they can’t go out. But it isn‘t so bad because they experience many adventures under the sea. For example they find the lost city of the old Atlantis, also they go through an underwater tunnel which has captain Nemo discovered, they visit the seabed in a snuffer made by captain Nemo, or they reach the South Pole where they have to dig up through the ice to surface.

Vocabulary I want to remember: narwhal – narval, cetacean – kytovec,

What made me decide to read this book? I’ve read another books written by this author and so I decided to read next one. I have also watched the film version.

My own opinion: I really like books written by Jules Verne and this one is maybe my favourite. I like his way of narration which attracts my attention for a long time. I think everybody should know this story and I also want to read another one by this author.

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