London is home to about 9 millions inhabitants. London is one of the largest cities of the world - it occupies an area of 1600 km2. The metropolis is divided into Old London and thirty-two districts.
The city’s history is very rich. Several disasters have afflicted London. In 1665 the Black Plague killed 70,000 people. In 1666 the Great Fire broke out, destroying most of the city.
The Temple is a district with Gregorian buildings and parks. Originally it was the Templar’s residence. Buckingham Palace has become the official royal residence. The royal family has lived there since 1837. During most of the year it is not open to the public.
Westminster Abbey is the important historical building in London. The first church was built there as early as the 7th to 8th centuries. The present monastery was established by King Edward. The church is characterized by French Gothic influence.
The National Gallery is situated inside a building dating back to 1838. Soon, however, the building was not sufficient and needed to be enlarged. The works of the world master painters are kept here - Rembrandt, Rubens, etc. Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum is an attraction for tourists. It contains wax statues that portray the most prominent people from all over the world.
The British Museum is the largest museum in the world. It has the biggest collection of all kinds of animals and minerals.

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