Moby is a versatile musician who gained recognition in the early 1990s for his contributions to dance & techno music. The excellence and originality of his remixes made him a much-sought-after remixer.
His musicial nickname is Moby, because he is a distant descendent of Herman Melville writer of Moby Dick.
Moby´s real name is Richard Melville Hall. He was born on September 11th 1965 in New York City. Than he lived in Connecticut. Since 1989 he lives in New York City with his girlfriend and his dog. In 1974 he began to play the guitar and than he cooperated with four bands (Vatican commandoes, Awol, Caeli seoul, Gin train). These bands played major punk music and they don´t exist now.
When he came to NYC in 1989, he began dj'ing at 'Mars' in NYC. He recorded some singles from 1989 to 1995. But only till in 1995 could his fans buy his first official full length album 'Everything is wrong'. In 1996 came his second official full length album 'Animal rights', in 1997 third official full length album 'Voodoo child-the end of everything' and the fourth official full length album 'I like to score' in 1997 too.
Moby's latest album, Play (1999) has a bluesy feel, with a touch of hip-hop and other influences, and has been very well-received by fans and critics alike. It has got gold or platinum in at least 15 countries, selling in excess of two million copies worldwide so far. It is the best album, that he has ever made. A classic case of the public deciding that the public wants.
Moby says, that he believes in God, but in a special way. He is a vegan. That means, he doesn´t eat any animals products.
His music is thoughtful, honest, and inspiring, running the gamut from contemplative ambient to hard rock and techno, and anything in between. He is an irreplaceable person in the music.

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