Mother Night - Kurt Vonnengut, Jr

Whole story is about writer Howard W. Campbell. During World war two secret agent bring him offer to fall in with plans. Howard ges away to Germany and marry german – Helga. So he becomes German. He transmits in radio and promotes Nazism. Not a soul knows that he is an American anooper and that he has a secret signature and transmits apher message.
It is written by retrospective, because in 1961 they arrest him and he is in prison in Jerusalem. So he writes a book about his life. He loves Helga very much but she is killed. During WW2. Howard is very disastrous. After war he is tortured, but intteligence set him free. He comes back to America. Nobody knows about his secret mission and he is on the list of war criminals. He lives in reterment and alone. He get acquaited with his neighbour – George Kraft. They often play chess. They are quite good friends. One day Howard finds ana artickle in newspaper about him. They publish his address too! After few days visits him society of people, who are authors of this newspaper. They bring him his wife Helga. He can not belive it, later he finds out, that she isn´t Helga, but her sister Rosi. He has to escape because Israel people want to catch him. A secret agent comes again to Howard. He told him, that the real name of George Kraft is John Potapov and Rosi is Russian agent. Helga loves him and she killed him self. Howard is double crossed and he doesn´t want to live. loves Howard is diseloses to Israel people that he is the American secret agent. In the same time Frank Wirtanen, American agent, writes a letter, that Howard is truely secret agnet. Howard has nothing to lose so he hang him self.

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  8. říjen 2007
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