Prague is the city lying right in the very hard of Europe. Prague is called „hundred-towered Prague“. Prague is situated in the centre of Bohemia. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. It is the seat of the president, parliament, the government, etc. Prague is social, cultural, educational, business, financial, sport centre.

Prague has a large number of monuments. The most famous are Hradčany, with Prague Castle. Prague Castle was founded by Charles the fourth in the ninth century. Prague Castle was the residence of the Czech kings and since 1918 it is residence of the presidents. In the Prague Castle are: the late Gothic Vladislav Hall and Saint Vitus Cathedral. Prague Castle offers a beautiful view of The Lesser Quarter, the National Theatre, The church of Saint Nicholas.

Charles Bridge was constructed by Petr Parler. There is a unique set of 31 sculptures.

Among the most frequently visited places in Prague is the Old Town Square where a large number of monuments are situated. In the middle there is a monument to Master John Huss, and the Týn Church.

Another highly frequented place is Wenceslav Square, which is the longest one in the CR (it measures 750 m). In its upper part there is the statue of the Czech prince Saint Venceslav. Nearby there is the National Museum. There we can find a large number of shops, restaurants, banks, currency exchange offices.

Royal Way was used by Czech kings for the occasion of their coronation. The way begins at the Powder Tower, continuing through Celetná Street, crossing the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge, along Nerudova Street to Prague Castle.

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