South Bank of River Thames

We can find there Tower Bridge, London Bridge, National Theatre, Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elisabeth Hall, Westminster Bridge, and for example Waterloo Bridge. We can get there underground route „Waterloo“. South Bank is the modern complex of buildings(they are from glass and concrete). Complex was build in last ten years.

South Bank include 3 phase of construction:
1. Royal Festival Hall
- here are made concerts
- the main hall has 3000 places
- in the large foyer are exhibitions
2. a) Queen Elisabeth Hall
- opened in 1967
- there are 1100 places
- the excellent acoustics
- the music hall Purcell Room
b) Hayward Gallery
- opened in 1968
- exhibitions hall with pictures and statues
c) Museum of Moving Image
- documentation of development of film, TV and video
- we can find it uder Waterloo Bridge
d) National Film Theatre
- under Waterloo Bridge
- every years on November there is London Film Festival
e) National Theatre
- opened 1976
- N.T. has 3 scenes – Lyttelton, Olivier, Cottesloe
3. IBM Building
- opened in 1983
- it’s similar with National Theatre
Shell Centre
- tower high 116 meters
Country Hall
- seat of Greater London Council

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge stands next to the Tower of London. It’s the most famous and distinctivebridge of London which is raised in the middle to allow ship to pass up the river. Built in 1894, it takes 90 seconds to raise. It was the first bridge (wood) in London in the 1st century. It was rebuilt in 12th century (stone plus 19 archs). About it is the song London Bridge is falling down. There is chapel of St. Thomas Becket. To year 1750 is the only bridge in London.

Westminster Bridge
The second bridge in London over the river Thames. Built in 1750.

Waterloo Bridge

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