The imporatnce of computers in modern world

The whole history people are trying to find a way, how to make easier their work and how to equip the tools, instruments or machines with functions that imitate human brain. Nowadays we can meet such a device, called computer or processor nearly everywhere.
But there were, are, and will be things and machines which we aren’t able to make. Since the time when computers came, people try to do everything with it. Sometimes it is possible but sometimes not.
Computers are not only PCs which we know from school or people use in offices. With computers we meet almost everywhere, where we look. From very small devices, like for example in walkmans, calculators, mobile phones, radios, control systems, … to a very big and performing systems like for example in airplanes, ships, medicine devices such as CT or others, space rockets, … Computers are almost everywhere and some branches are without them unimaginable.
Computers in form of PC have much superiority they are very useful and many people use them in their job or have PC at home. One of the main superiorities of PCs is that every document, text, data or pictures, information can people save, in computer, later change or correct, print, whenever they need. Many people use very often PC program called Internet. This program helps many people in their job when they are using computer because they can find many useful information for their job and they can use e-mail, which helps communication between people in job or companies wherever they are, and it is faster and cheaper than if they send normal letter (for example from Europe to America) or use the phone or fax.
Computers (PCs) help also in mediums. Radio stations are directed by computers, all music is saved in computer and the information that we hear in radio are on the Internet. Many films were filmed and then computer regulated them for example in the movie called „Gladiator“ is many battles, which are not possible to film. So there were filmed people and their weapons and then the battle was done with computer, it means on computer was done the moving of people and then some sounds.
People do not know but they think in ten or fifteen years there will be many machines and appliances, which will be directed only with computer. But there will be surly many things where the main rule will have man and his own head …

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