The International Court of Justice

The international Court of Justice established by the Charter of the United Nations is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations. The Court functions is accordance with the provisions of the staue which is a part of the United Nations Charter and every member state of the United Nations therfore has automatic access to the Court. Every member is pledged to comply with the decisions of the Court in a case to which it is a party. A state which is not member of the United Nations can refer cases to the Court on conditions determined in each case by the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council.
The jurisdiction of the Court covers all cases which the parties may refer to it, and all matters especially provided for in the Charter or in theaties and conventions in force.
In addition to judging leagal disputes which are submitted to it, the court performs another important function. It gives advice on leagal matters referred to it by the General Assembly, the Security Council and other organs which have been authorized by the General Assebly to request such advice.
The Court consist of 15 judges elected by the Security Council and the General Assembly, each organ voting independently. The judges are elected on the bases of their qualifications, not on the basis of their nationality. It should be said, however, that the principal legal systems of the world are represented in the Court. No two judges can be nationals of the same state.
The judges serve for a term of 9 years. They cannot engage in any other occupation during their term of office. Being engaged is the business of the Court the judge enjoys diplomatic privileges and immunities.

1. Každý členský stat je povinnen podřídit se rozhodnutí soudu.
Every member state is plaged to comply with the decisions of the Court.
2. The international Courat of Justice was established by the Charter of the United Nations.
Mezinárodní soudní dvůr byl založen chartou spojených národů.
3. Every member state has an access to the Court
Každý členský stát má přístup k soudnímu dvoru

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