The Renaissance in England

The Renaissance in Egland is presented by four main persons of English aristocracy: Henry VII., Henry VIII., Mary I. and Elizabeth I. They were not the only ones, who ruled in England by the time of renaissance, because between Henry VIII. and Mary I. was on the throne of England Edward VI., and Lady Jane Grey. I will describe the four most important monarchs and their impact on England:

Henry VII. (1485 – 1509)
Henry's strength was doing a lot of political inovations for example increasing royal involvement in civil and criminal cases and foreign affairs. He connected Spain and France by aranging the marriage of his son Arthur to Catherine of Aragon. His son Artur died and he decidet to married Catherine to Arthur's brother Henry VIII.

Henry VIII. (1509 – 1547)
The Henry VIII. is known during the history mostly by his 6 marriages. He is known also by the separation of the church the England from roman catholicism. The separatin was actually because of Henry's obsession with producing a male.

Mary I. (1553 – 1558)
Mary I. was the daughter of Henry VIII. and Catarine of Aragon. Her major goal was the re-establishment of catholicism church in England, witch was connected with burning more than 300 people (that’s why her nickname was Bloody Mary). She came into war with France and she was defeated so she has lost the last English continental possesion in Europe.

Elizabeth I. (1558 – 1603)
Was the daughter of Henry VIII. and Anne Bolein, so she was sister of Bloody Mary and was the last of Tudors.
Elizabeth was the master of political science and she has gained such political power as only a few english monarchs. She is a part of the most constructive periods of English history and her nickname was “good queen Bess”. She started the cooperation between monarchy and English Parliament.

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