The town, where I live (České Budějovice)

České Budějovice is situated at the confluence of the rivers Malše and Vltava.. It is metropolis of South Bohemia. It was founded by Czech king Přemysl Otakar II in 1265. In July 1641was a big fire there. A lot of buildings destroyed. Now it has population about 100 000 people and area 5554 hectares.
In the centre of České Budějovice there is Přemysl Otakar II. square shaped square, it is 1,7 hectare large. In the square there is a blue baroque townhall with chimes. The chimes play every hour. On the townhall there are 4 dragons (spouters) and over them 4 statues: Justice, Courage, Wisdom, Caution.
In the square there are a lot of historical houses with arcade, too. In the centre of square there is a big fountain with Samson’s statue. By this fountain is a mazing stone. In this place stood formerly a pillory. One legend say: when you step on this stone, you will lose.
By this square there is a most famous cathedral of České Budějovice – St. Nicholas cathedral. It was built in 13th century in gothic style. Near the cathedral there is Black Tower, a dominant of České Budějovice. This tower is 72m high and it is built from black stones. It has 4 bells: Bumeria, Marta, Umíráček and Budvar.
In Krajinská street there are Meet Shops. It is very famous pub and you can buy very famous beer Budvar there. It stood in the square, but the king Karel IV. let it move to Krajinská street because of a bad smell.
Near Přemysl Otakar II. square there is Piaristic square. All Saturdays are markets there. In the Piaristic square there is a dominical abbey with church Obětování Panny Marie. In the garden of this abbey we can hear concerts. In this garden there are many baroque statues. Near these building there is White Tower. In Piaristic square there is the Salthouse, too. In 16th century the town profited from the import of salt from Pasov and Salcburk and the Salthouse was store of salt.
In České Budějovice there are a lot of galleries, theathers and museums. The most famous museum is Museum of South Bohemia. We can see films in two cinemas in České Budějovice. There are more than 100 schools and one university in České Budějovice. Here are a lot of international factories, for example Bosch, Sfinx, Budvar and Kooh- i- noor. In Strakonická street there is a shopping centre.

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