The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Official name of this country is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (below only GB). It consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Area is 244 046 square kilometres and it has population of 57,8 mil. London is capital city of England and also of GB. It's the largest city in GB. Next large city's are Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Liverpool, Sheffield, Newcastle, Edinburg, Cardiff etc. The capital city of Scotland is Edinburg, the capital city of North Ireland is Belfast and the capital city of Wales is Cardiff. The official language is English, of course. Other languages are Gallic and Welsh, witch are spoken in Scotland and Wales. British currency is pound witch has got 100 pence. British currency is also Euro, because GB is in Europe Union.

GB lies at the top left edge of Europe. It's separated from the continent by the North Sea and the English Channel. Island Ireland is separated from GB by Irish Sea and St. George's Channel. GB has got only one immediate adjacent state. It is Ireland. Surface of GB is very diverse. On the south and east there are flats and on the north and west there are highlands and low mountains, because the highest mountain of GB is Ben Nevis in Scotland, witch has got only 1400 metres. The longest rivers are the River Thames and Severn. Also GB has got a lot of islands and dependency's. For example Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Outer and Inner Hebrides, Shetlands Island, Orkney Islands, Channel Islands, Bermudas, Gibraltar etc.
So now about industry and agriculture. There is very important industry . But reserves of minerals are very restricted. GB import coal and export oil. Steel industry now fallen off. The most important branches is produce of cars and aeroplanes, textile, chemical and food industry. In GB grow potatoes, corn, sugar beet, hops etc. From animal breeding is the most productive breeding of cows, sheeps, poultry, bovines and pigs. But now we know that in GB is BSE and food-and-mouth disease.
GB is constitution monarchy and the head of state is queen Elizabeth the 2nd and the prime minister is Tony Blair. If we look at history of GB as united kingdom, we'll find out, that The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland arose in 1801 by Law of union. Since there was four separated territory: England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. In 11th century England started govern Wales, in 12th century Ireland and with Scotland had common state in 1603. The most important persons was Henry the 2nd (English king), John Bezzemek (Magna charta libertatum), Henry the 8th (English king), Mary the 1st Stuart (Scotland queen), Elizabeth the 1st (English queen), James the 1st Stuart (Mary's son; English king), Olivier Cromwell, queen Victoria, Elizabeth the 2nd and other people. If we look at modern history of 20th century, we'll see persons like prince Charles and his dead ex lady Diana Spencer and their sons prince William and prince Harry.
That is probably all about GB, but there are some features that we want to tell you.
First interest and big problem is Northern Ireland. There are big arguments between Northern Ireland and England. English are evangelicals, but Irish are roman Catholics. Irish want independence and English not, of course. There are big fights. Second interest is that if you drive a car in Britain you must drive it on left side. In GB are beautiful sights, interest towns, places and scenery. For example Oxford and Cambridge, where are famous universities. Stonehenge, whole London, lake of Loch Ness, castle of Windsor, Greenwich etc. Very interest is different culture from Europe. English food for example or kilt in Scotland…whole GB is very interest in fashion. Another feature is weather. Weather is there variable. And if you want to speak with Englishman they speak about weather. GB has got a lot of artists and important persons. For example William Shakespeare, Beatles, Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill etc. GB is interest at sport. For example GB has got great football players and athletes.

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