United Kingdom - government

The United Kingdom is a constituational monarchy and a parliamentary democracy. The head of state

is Queen Elizabeth II. and the head of government is the Prime Minister Tony Blair. Power rests with

the Parliament, which consists of the monarch, the hereditary and appointive House of Lords, and the

elected House of Commons.

Also called the Lower House, it is here where the main political battle takes place. Its 650 members

are not usually all together as there are only 370 seats. Their main work is to examine the work of

Government. The presiding member of the House is the Speaker. To the Speaker´s right side sit

Government and on the other side sit all of those that oppose the government. The front benches are

for important members: that is members of the Cabinet and other Ministers and Opposition

spokesmen that are part of the so-called Shadow Cabinet.


There has been a major change to this system, recently. Members of the Upper House belong to four

different categories. First peers are called hereditary peers, who lost their voting rights but later it

was retain. In House of Lords there are 80 of there peers. There used to be up till now 800 hereditary

Between 350 and 400 are so-called life peers. They are people who in any way did something

important for the nation are promoted to life peers.

Then there are the Lords of Appeal - nine of the most senior judges.

In fourth category are the Lords Spiritual - the 26 most senior bishops and archbishops of the church of England.

The Speaker is called the Lord chancellor, who sits on a special seat called the Woolsack.

In Uk are two major parties - liberaly TONY BLAIR
- conservative MARGARED TACHER

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