What it is advertisement and where we can find it ? Well, there are a lot of kinds of advertisement. For example a lot of pages of advertisements in newspapers, magazines and journals. There are also billboards { which sometimes caurse car disasters, Eva Hercig`s advertisement of wonderbra }, but also the less favorite – paper advertisement.
And which advertisements are the most common ? Of course advertisements, which we can see on television.
There are o lot of interesting and quite funny advertisements, which you like watching but most of them aren’t very successful.
Advertisements play quite big role in the strategy of big, international and well known companies. These firms { for example producing mobiles, cars…} are usually very rich so they can give great amounts to creative people and firms in which they work. The most important thing for these giant firms is to have their advertisement witty, to captivate potential customers and stay in their mind { they use music, nice actors and actresses, jokes and favorite { sexual } catchwords}. The most important is to stay in customers` mind for a long time and to pleasant not to be strong and pedant.
…And then you might buy that nice mobile or a washing powder with that nice smell…
I would like to tell you about four advertisements.
First advertisement is for mobile Oscar. There are two people – father and his son. They stay on the iced pond and want to let a fish go. My opinion is that this advertisement is nice and easy. I feel good humor when I watch this advertisement.
On the opposite side is the second one – it is an advertisement for chocolate Fidorka. There are three people a man, his girlfriend { maybe }and a little girl with her doll. This girl wants the Fidorka, which this woman holds, sitting near the man in the car. The girl throws her doll at the car and airbags start to working so the girl can easily take woman’s chocolate. And atthe end she says to her doll : when you have to, so you have to: .
Isn’t it horrible ? I think so. My opinion is that it is very bad design for children.
The third one is advertisement for good water which is also witty and nice. And the last one is advertisement of all insets. I think that it is not dignified for women.
Are there an advantages of advertisement ? Yes, of course, there are. You know about the products, you can use advertisement to choose the best product and so on. And what about disadvantages ? I think only a few firms are able to make advertisements good and well done, so you don`t have such a big choice of small firms goods. Other thing is, that they use a lot of paper for that paper advertisements…and nobody reads it…
How does advertisement influent me ? Well, I’m not robot, so I remember the products and sometimes I buy them… For example shampoos, clothes and so on. But it also depends on the price and quality.

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