Means of transport

People have a lot of ways in which they can travel. We can travel by land, by water and by air. We can travel by own means of transport or by public means of transport. Each way has advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to us which way we will choose. Here are the forms of travelling:
Water transport ( it means ferries, ocean liners, steamboats ) has relatively small costs, so it is not very expensive and place for our luggage is quite big, so we can have as many bags as we want. But the disadvantage is that somebody could become sea-sick and the other disadvantage is, that this travelling is so slowly.
Air transport is very expensive but on the other side, it is the fastest way of trevelling. It is very comfortable and it is the safest way of travelling. But it is one most strictly dependent on the timetable, you must be two hours before flight [take-off] on the airport, because you must go through the passport control and security check [or you have to check in] , you must have your luggage checked, weigh of your luggage is limited or you would pay fine for each kilo which you have on the top of the allowed weigh. But it may occur that your flight is cancelled or postpone, but it is not very often.
Land transport, it means cars, motorbikes which are usually own, train, bus,
underground, which are public.
When you are travelling by car, you must still buying petrol and oil, which is quite expensive, you must pay for routine checking, for services when your car has break-down, you must not drink any alcohol and you must not be tired when you are driving a car. But you can stop for relax or for toilet, you can eat when you want, you can drive by speed which you want, but it must not be more then allowed speed. The seat is very comfortable, maybe it is more comfortable than plane, the trunk or boot for luggage is quite big. But to get a driver’s licence, you must know every road rules and you must drive very well. It is not very grateful, when you are in a traffic jam or when you have a puncture or some break-down during your travelling. And the other disadvantage is, that a car is not very cheap for buy.
Buses and trains are not very comfortable, they are often dirty, place for luggage is not very big, you can’t smoke there or if you want smoke in the train, you must go to the smoking compartment. You must buy ticket but if you want to have a seat, you must buy another one seat reservation ticket. In the train, there is a person, conductor, who controls your ticket.
Underground or subways in America, is not comfortable, it is often dirty and full of other passengers, so it may become that you must stand. But underground goes every three minutes on average and on week every eight minutes.

The causes of our travelling:
We go shopping, commuting to school or to work, we go visiting our friends, we travel to another town or country for our holidays,……
It is not only people, who are travelling. Goods are transported too by every means of transport alike people.

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