Travelling is a part of life of each of us. It is mostly our hobby. We can find new places, new culture, meet new people. A lot of people travel for their holiday for example to the see or to the mountains. Some people travel abroad to learn new language or to earn some money for example AU PAIR. Some people travel far away from their home because of starting new life in a place where they can be free where nobody knows them and where they can be on their own. But there are many other reasons for traveling. Probably the most common reason is tourism. People have always been curious about far-away places and cultures and traveling is really the only way to experience these different environments. Travelling is not limited to any age group. If you travel abroad you must be sure you have all the necessary documents like a passport and a visato travel to a specific country. You need to arrange tickets to travel to the foreign country. You will also need to exchange some money into the local currency of the country where you are travelling. 

But travelling has some disadnantages too. It’s dangerous, because we can meet bad people, we can get lost, be murdered, money can be stolen. But it’s unfriendly to the environment, too. And we can get some strange diseases.
We can travel in many ways. The simplest way would be to go everwhere on foot. We don’t need to worry about missing the bus, running out of gas, our car breaking down or getting into a car accident. Our own feet will take us everywhere we want to go. We can even get to places that we could never reach by car. When we’re tired, we can simply dit down, rest and have a snack. If we like taking longer hikes, which could make us tired, we should take with us proper refreshments, including something to drink. It’s the cheapest kind of travelling, it’s healthy, keeps you fit, improves your condition. It’s proper for short distances and very dangerous if you travel alone.
Another possibility for our travelling is to go by car. Almost every family today owns a car. Travelling by this means of transportation is quite comfortable, because car can take us relatively quickly to wherever we want to go. All that we need to do is get in and start driving. But if everyone travels by car, it would be very bad for our environment.
Another popular means of transportation is the bus. Travelling by bus may sometimes be a little uncomfortable. It’s relatively fast, cheap, but sometimes dirty, there is no privacy, but we can get nearly everywhere. Far more often than lon-distance bus lines, we use city mass transit buses. We can get around town also by tram, trolleybus and in Prague by subway. In this case, however, it’s not really a question of travelling.
If we want more privacy, something more comfortable and less dangerous than bus we can go by train. But we can’t get everywhere and in our republic it is expensive and carriages are dirty.
Bicycle riding is comparable to walking, but it’s faster. It’s healthy, cheap, but you musn’t be exacting for your clothes, because you must have small luggage. The market for bicycles nowdays offers mountain bikes-made for cross-country riding over fields and steep roads, in mountains and in cities, and road bikes – suitable for travel on quality roads or on bicycle paths.
Hitch-hiking is a very special type of travelling. Mostly it’s used by young people who are not afraid of taking a risk. Some travelers get to very distant countries in this way. It’s cheap, but very dangerous. And you must have luck by hitch-hiking otherway it’s very slow travelling.
Flying by plain is another way how to travel. It comfortable for long distances, but it’s more expensive than bus or car. It is very fast and not so dangerous as hich-hiking. But after 11. September 2001 we can see that it can be dangerous for us, too.
And at the end, if we are romantic people we can use a boat or yacht. It is slower, but very interesting, but you can visite less place, because we need water for travelling.
We must decide if we travel alone or with the travel agency. Adventages for own holiday are that we can do own program. We can do what we want. But travelling with the agency has some adventages too. They will take care of our accommodation, transportation and baggage insurance. But you have a fix program and if something isn’t good, you can’t go home alone.
At the end I wish good weather and good luck for travelling to everyone.

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