I like travelling very much, because I can see many foreign cities and towns. I want to tell you about advantages and disadvantages of travelling by plane, bus, car, train and a ship.

Travelling by plane
It´s very fast and comfortable kind of travelling. But it´s very expensive, and when we are travel by tourist class, we can have a health problems, because there is no space for leg. Some people, like my grandfother, can have health problems pressure too.

Travelling by ship
It´s very comfortable and romantic but the ship isn´t so fast like plane and we can have a seasickness and after we must stay in the sick bay.

Travelling by train
It´s my favourite kind of travelling. It can be fast, when I choose the express train and slow too, when I decide the passanger train. It can be a very nice family trip too.

Travelling by bus
I hate buses, because there is no space for me and when is a rush hour I must wait for bus for a very long time and I can be late. The bus is quite cheap but very uncomfortable for me.

Travelling by car
It is very pleasant when we have the own car but the petrol is expensive and it´s very unpleasant when we have a crash.

We can travel by bus, plane, ship, metro etc. but I prefer train becouse it´s the most comfortable for me and it is the cheapest too.

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