Money in our lives

Money is very important in life each of us. But in todayś world is very difficult to say, who is rich and who is poor, because in different parts of world can this word has absolutely another importance. In Africa is rich that, who has every day food for itself and for his children. Conversely in Europe is rich that, who has 5 cars, big house and he can go for the holliday where he wants. And many a time the poor man in Europe is richer then the rich man in Africa. But I think that, more important is not be rich, but be content. Often the rich people were discontent and unhappy much more than normal people. Our property is judged according the society, where we live.
We can earn money by different methodes, but we can´t compare this metodes, because each job is another. Somebody must work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week in bad working conditions with small breaks and somebody earns 10 times much and he spend a 2 hours in the office and he order to the staffs, what they should do. Before was a manual work more better appreciated, than today. But it isn´t good, because somebody must do this work and he should be paid good for it.
In my opinion people suppose, that the money bring them luck, but it musn´t be that. The material fortune can´t recompense family happiness and good human relation. But the true is, that somethimes can money bring luck, because it can resolve the problems. For young family can money means a new flat and independence, for somebody study on high school, for seriously ill people, when they must pay for exacting medical care, can money means saving their live. But money can have a negative side too. It seems to me that money have the power to change human characters. I know one dadś friend, man of age 30, who was normal worker, he has a family, and few years ago he make accidentally a fortune, but not by work, it was instead small deception. During the few months he absolutely change itself. He bougt very expensive car, expensive house and he stop talking with his friends including my dad. Now is he divorced, but I´m not sure, that is he happier now. Accordingly I honour the people, who make a fortune and stay still the same.
For me is money of course important too, as each other. I try to earn some money as a dealer of cosmetics or on the brigade, sometimes I get some change for birthday or for Christmas from grandma. Because I hate spend money for useless things, I always save all money I have. Rather whole year I don´t spent for anything and once a year I buy something expensive (this year it was my dog). When I would make a fortune, I would repair our house and garden and buy many things, which I need and which I don´t need, but I would like to give some money to harbourage with dogs. But when I would have everything I want and I would have indemnity my future, I wouldń know what can I do with odd money, but I think that I would find some resolution. I think, that parents shouldn´t give to children everything they want, because the children means, that they can have everything gratis. But I think, that when I have food everyday, home, where can I sleep, good family and good healt - itś everything what I need for my live.

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