Wonders and Inventions of the modern world

We are still here
We have many things, that could destroy the world.
There are oil tankers, that pollute the ocean, whitch is full of water animals we need for our lives(survive).
We find many modern illnesses for example AIDS, that could kill all people in the world because we haven’t got medicine for this.
We have atomic bombs that could destroy the world too, but we haven’t use them so this is the most wonder of all.

Space Travel
We are able to live a long time on space. We are able to land on the moon. We are able to research the solar system beyond its borders. Space travelling is very famous but very expensive.

Computers can do many things that people couldn’t do without them.WE use it often, dailly. We need them everywhere. On the airport, in the bank, in the factory, in medicine’s research, in scientist. They are very useful. Today we can use PC(personal computer) like a TV, hifi-system, video. You can play games on it. Today very much families has got computer with conection to the internet. Internet is source of the all information from the world.

Inventions of the modern world
Therea are many machines that change our lives. It can be for example:
the atomb bomb, the computer, the plane, the television, the car and the telephone.

The plane
It’s a type of public transport. It’s very fast, comfortable, safe but very expensive. You can travel anywhere you want during a few hours. It makes the world smaller.

TV was invented in 1926. It was magpie and very big. Today TVs has revolucioned. They’re coloured and very thin. You can play games on it, search on the internet. The main reason why people buy TVs is that is the source of entertaiment but it can teaches you too. You can watch news from the world or watch shows, serials, telenovels and so one.

It’s door-to-door transport. When you have a car, you’re free and independent. Yo don’t have to look on timetables of buses and trains. It isn’t cheap, you have buy the car, pay for the petrol, insurance and when you want to use a motorway you have to pay for motorway’s stamp. Cars are symbol of freedom and symbol of technical achievement.

When you don’t know what was for homework to english lesson, you can phone your friend. You can phone the police cops when your are in danger. The greatly on it is, you can phone with person who is anywhere oon the world at the same time.
Special type of phones are the mobile phones. They’re very favourite and used. You can go anywhere you want with it, because it’s small and mobile. When you haven’t nothing to do you can play games on it. You can send SMS or MMS to your friend.

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