America and Americans

What do we really know about Americans? Do we really know so much as we think? Can we really judge by media and films? Are they able to say us so much about real mentality of ordinary human being?
From all that films we can have a view that American people don’t do anything but watch TV, do enormous shopping and visit concerts of Breatny Spears. But is it really so?
It’s true that media and Hollywood can’t give us actual view of American society but it could help us to have a little bit brighter picture of life there.
We know that life in the USA is quite hectic and very fast. It is a country of antinomy. There are a lot of very rich and very poor people. There is no time to relax for workaholics who have stress and other part of people have a lot of time because they are not used to work.
The whole world takes over American ideals of everything. You can see it everywhere: on TV, on billboards, in newspapers, journals, style of dressing and so on.
If it’s a tradition to wear black suits in America, so in a few weeks the whole Europe and then also Asia will wear this trend. But it is not only about ideals and values, it is also about money and money can do a mega star from everyone who is a little bit able or capable. The best example is that of young pop stars who are nearly unable to sing without payback and all their fame is about rich wardrobe and a lot of scandals.
When people talk about modern life, they often use the words consumer society. It is a society, where goods have bigger account than other things. It is connected with comfortable life and we want to have life more and more comfortable and it’s the reason why we buy all that machines, why we do the shopping in bigger and cheaper supermarkets, where we can buy everything under one roof.
As I have mentioned before, films and especially American films have a big influence on people who watch them: young boys and sometimes also girls. They like that typical heroes as Arnold Schwarzenneger, Van Dame and so on. I’m not a big fun of this kind of films, so I don’t know what people like about that people and heroes. I’m fascinated even by the fact that they are able to fight about 3 hours and after it they have not injury. I like only one American series - Ally McBeal and I like watching this quite witty series.
The biggest producer of films is Hollywood. We can see every week about 2-3 new American films, which are often well done.
American music aseptically pop music makes about 90 % of all music industry in the world.
It is well known that the USA has a big problem with violence. There is well known Mafia and policemen are not able to solve all the problems. Every day there are a lot of killed mugged people. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people are afraid to go out in the evening and at night. Perhaps all this crime is caused by big differences between rich and poor people. The other reason could be a big variety of nations who have to live together.
Not only from films we know the expression “ An American dream”. And what is it? We can know it from the film “Pretty woman”. But American dream is not only about prostitutes and rich businessmen. It is quite indefinite approach. But on the whole I think that it is about one’s biggest dreams and the way they come true. Very often the dreams are about big happiness and much money. Because America is the country of dreams which {sometimes} come true.

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