American and British system of education

British system of education

Schools in britain are state and independent. Independent schools are very expensive. This sort of education is for rich people. Sometimes they have to learn during weekend at school. The state system of education is divided into four stages: pre-school and primary, secondary, futher and higher education.

Pre-schools attend children from 3 till 5 years. Children play many games there. When is child 5years old he starts go to infant school. In this school he can draw, paint, make musical aktivites and of course read, write a litte and count. At 7 many children move to Junior school, where the work is more systematic.

Secondary education is for pupils from 11 years. This education is divided into three main schools:

About 90% students attend Comprehensive schools. Comprehensive means all-inclusive. this schools are large for many pupils.

Second school is called Grammar school. There go about 4% pupils. Grammar school offer a mainly academic education for the 11 to 18 or 19 year age group.

Last 6 % pupils go to Secondary Modern school. They attend this school until 16 years.
After secondary education take pupils GCSE exam. This exam is made state of university. For our students is this exam something like leaving-examination. GCSE contains ten subjects. At 16 years.

Atfer GCSE students can transfer to Further education. The most well-know schools are 6-form colleges. These are schools where students get academic and non-academic education. This school prepare students to A-LEVEL exam. Students make this exam when they are 18. A-level is exam from thee or four subjects.

When students want to go to some university or college, they send six applications. Form one application stand 12 pounds.

Highest education usually lasts three or four years. The best universities in Great Britain are Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow and so on.

American Education

In USA are two sort of schools too. Public, which are free and private schools. In american education students aren´t evaluated by marks but by grades from A to F. A is the best and F is the worst.

The youngest children from 3 to 6 go to pre-school. This education includes nursery schools and kindergartens. In a similar way like in CR 6 years old child start go to elementary school
Years in USA are called grades, so this school last from first grade until fifth grade. The children in this school learn to read, write, history, arts, music and so on there.

Secondary education pupils get in High schools (Middle schools). They can start study there when they are 11.High Schools are divided into Junior High and Hing Schools. Secondary schools in USA have got worste level then Czech. The elementary school leaving qualification is usually the High School Diploma.This exam isn´t compulsory. Students take this exam in 18.
Another examination is SAT ( Scholastic Aptitude Test), which can be taken in Mathematic and English.

After SAT students can start study on some university or college. In USA are many well-know universities, for example Hardvard, Yale, Princeton and so on. Universities in USA are the best around the world so it is reason why it is very expensive. Students in USA don´t get money from their parents so they have to start working when they want study.

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