Australia - Commonwelth of Australia

Commonwelth of Australia

Australia is the smallest continent in the world. Australia is situated between the Pacific and the Indian oceans. Australia is situated in the Southern Hemisphere.

Australia was discovered by James Cook, the next discoverers was Torres. The Australia´s native inhabitants are the Aborigines (from Asia). The first inhabitants were convicts from England, the first inhabitants from Europe were British people. In 18th century, a lot of immigrants came in Australia. In 1931 Australia became independent.

The nearest islands are the Tasmania, which was discovered by Abel Tasman, the King Island and the Kangaroo Island.

The surface of Australia is flat. The Great Western Plateau occupies nearly half of the continent. The next lowland is the Central-Eastern Lowland. In central Australia there
are 3 deserts – the Great Sandy Desert, the Gibson Desert and the Great Victoria Desert.

In Australia, there are the Australian Cordilleras, the Australian Alps. The highest peak is Mt. Kosciusco (2,230 m high).

In Australia, there are 2 important rivers – the Murray and the Darling and
3 lakes – the Lake Eyre and the Lake Torrens and the Lake Gairdner.

Along the east coast we can see the Great Barrier Reef, which is the biggest coral reef on the Earth.

In Australia live specific animals: kangaroo, koala bear, dingo dog, platypus, vombat (vačice), tasman devils.

Australia´s economy is focused rather on in agriculture – there are grown wheat, wool, barely, oats, .There are breeded sheep, cattle. Australia is rich in the minerals – coal, iron ore, bauxite. Australia exports its products to many countries of the world, for example wool, meat, milk products. Industry is developed too. There are car industry, chemical, food industry, mining

Climate is subtropical, but in Tasmania and in the south is temperate climate.

The Commonwealth of Australia has 17 million inhabitants.
Density of population is low. Society is multi-cultural.
In Australia, there live British origin and Aborigines – they are dark – skined people. Australia belongs to the highly developed countries of the world.
The capital is Canberra, other towns are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth.
Australia is republic, member of the Commonwealth of Nations, dominion of UK, member of G-7.
Australia is federal state which consists of 6 states and 2 territories.
Parliament has a legislative power. The Parliament is dividend into House of Representatives and Senate.
The official head of state is British Queen – Elizabeth II. She is represented by a governor general.

In Australia, there is very important law - the Immigration Restriction Act – every immigrant had to prove knowledge of some European language in a written test.

Interesting places: Opera House in Sydney (Summer Olympic Games, port)
Great Barrier Tref

Interesting people: Kylie and Danii Minogue, Mel Gibson

New Zealand

New Zealand is situated between the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea, in the Southern Hemisphere.

New Zealand consists of 2 islands – the North and the South. The surface of New Zealand is hilly. In New Zealand, there is mountain area – the Apennines. The highest peak is Mt. Cook (3, 764 m). In New Zealand, there are several lowlands around the coast. In New Zealand, there are a lot of vulcanos – some of them are still active.

Climate is temperate. There is a lot of sun. In New Zealand, there live some specific animals: for example: Kiwis
New Zealand belongs among the highly developed countries of the world. In New Zealand, there is good mineral resources and adequate industry. New Zealand is one of the leading farming countries in the world (sheep, cattle). New Zealand exports meat, wool, butter and cheese.

The New Zealand was discovered by Abel Tasman, and then Captain James Cook.
The first inhabitants were the Maoris.
In 1931 – New Zealand became independent.
New Zealand has a population of about 3,4 million people and its area is about 260.000 square kilometre.
New Zealand is a member of the Commonwealth, dominion of the UK.
The legislative power has the Parliament. In New Zealand, there the Parliament has only House of Representative, they haven´t Senat.
The official head of state is British Queen – Elizabeth II. She is represented by a Governon General.
The capital is Wellington. Other town are Auckland, Nelson, Hamilton.

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