Basil Hallward

Punishment is cleansing

I chose Basil Hallward. He is my favorite character of the whole book, because it seems to me the of the noblest. If Lord Henry's Devil's Advocate, the Basil Hallward is God's attorney. Basil is a painter, an idealist and a genuine man. He is an eternal idealist who truly believes in the innate goodness of humanity. Simply said a good man in a bad world. He is the most likeable.

His fascination with Dorian is due to its beauty and innocence. Meeting with Lord Henry, everything changed. Dorian is fascinated by Henry's ruthless approach to life and quirky ideas. Instantly become friends. And Dorian wishes to growing older image instead.

Basil draws attention to corruption Henry, Dorian are not paying attention and love Basil is thus pushed into the background.

Basil rejects the idea that his friends were really bad. Finally, pay for his optimism is the highest price of his life.

Basil is increasingly subdued behavior of their friends. his nature leads him to the worship of beauty and Dorian deeds him very sorry.

Dorian Basil eventually kills him not to have to beg for forgiveness.

Unfortunately, Basil, pure artist and admirer of beauty, is not made for this world of evil people, and losing at the end.

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