Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde)

One day, famous painter named Basil painted picture of his friend Dorian. His another friend, Harry come to visit him. Basil showed him his portrait of Dorian. Harry said it was the best portrait Basil ever painted and when he would show it in a gallery but Basil replied: ”I would never show it in a gallery and I never sell it, it shows too much of me, too much of my feelings.” In that while, Dorian came to that house. Dorian and Harry never met before. Dorian was beautiful young man with pale face, blond hairs and blue eyes. Basil needed to finish his portrait of Dorian, but Dorian wanted to talk to Harry. Dorian heard from Basil Harry talks a lot of strange things, and he warned Dorian not to hear and not to matter what Harry says. But Dorian still wanted to talk with Harry. After short time, Dorian and Harry went to garden. Harry was talking his clever and strange ideas and Dorian was listening. He was amazed. Harry told Dorian: ”You will not be still young and beautiful as you look at the portrait, some time later you will be ugly and wrinkled, this is how our lives goes. Only thing we need to do is to enjoy our lives, the good things as well as the evil things.” Dorian was amazed again, when they returned back to house of Basil, the portrait was finished. Basil saw amazed face of Dorian, and he wanted to talk to Harry between four eyes. Luckily, Dorian went to a mirror and he was looking at himself. “Harry,” he said angrily, “I have told you not to talk to Dorian.” “I have just told him to enjoy his life”, Harry replied. Dorian was now looking on himself on the portrait. ”I want to give this portrait to you, Dorian, I have made it for you.” “But I don’t want it,” Dorian replied, “I will be still young and beautiful on this portrait, but I will be wrinkled and ugly. I wish this portrait grow old with me. I don’t want it!” And he ran away.

Some time later, Dorian went to house of Basil, and Harry was here too. Dorian told them he was in love with a beautiful actress. He wanted to marry her. So he invited them to her theatre, they were playing “Romeo and Juliet”. Basil and Harry agreed. It was dirty quarter of London, but theatre wasn’t difficult to find. Man in sailor clothes was at the enter and he was selling the tickets. Harry and Dorian met first, Basil came later. Until he came Harry was talking to Dorian. ”Dorian,” he said, “young men always fall in love with actresses, but it isn’t true love.” “No,” Dorian replied, “I love her very much!”. Than Basil came. So they entered the theatre. Juliet was beautiful young actress but Rome was old and fat actor. The game was terrible, almost everyone left the theatre. Basil and Harry told Dorian actress not act very well, but he wasn’t listening. When the game ended Basil and Harry went home, Dorian went by his love. There was quarrel between them, Dorian told Sibyl Vane (it was name of that actress) that he loved her because she was very good actress but tonight she acted very bad, than he went home.

Next morning he read in the newspaper that Sibyl is dead, she killed herself. About five days ago he got portrait of himself from Basil. Now, it was covered with a cloth. He came closer and looked on the portrait, that men wasn’t he! He looked like him but his face was evil and cruel. Dorian looked to mirror, his face was beautiful and young. He covered it again.

Some time later he was returning home. It was dark and foggy night, when Dorian was near his house he saw Basil. He told Dorian he was leaving and going to Paris for about six months. Dorian invited him to his house, they were talking about lot of things. Than Dorian went with Basil to the upper rooms. One of them was locked, Basil and Dorian entered and Dorian showed Basil picture of himself. The man on the picture was old, wrinkled, ugly, cruel and evil. Basil didn’t believe, Dorian told him his wish came true. Basil didn’t believe again. There was a knife on table. Dorian killed Basil. He was looking on his body, on his dying and he was amazed how Basil tried to breath but only blood came out of his mouth. He looked on the portrait again, it was still the same, but there was blood on that hands. Dorian ran out of that room, he locked it again.
He came there next day, there was terrible smell inside. Also there was corpse of Basil. ”What have I done?” he thought, “why I killed Basil?” Than he looked on the picture and understood everything. “How terrible price for my wish!” he thought he looked on the knife which was laying on the table, he was looking on it for a long while than he ran away from that room. He called one of his friend to chemically destroy the body. He blackmailed him, so he agreed. Some time later that doctor killed himself.

Dorian felt very bad that while he wanted opium so he traveled to one of the opium den, but there was someone who he knew so he left. But he wasn’t fast enough and one woman recognized him. “Hey, it is Prince Charming!” she shouted. “Prince Charming?” Thought Dorian to himself, only Sibyl Vane called him by this name. He ran out of that den and he was returning home. It was dark and foggy night again. “Same night when I killed Basil,” he thought. In that while someone cought him and pulled at the wall, he had a knife with him. ”You, you are Prince Charming! My sister died because of you! She loved her and wanted to marry you, but you disagreed! Now I will kill you!” “I still look like as I looked 20 years ago! He cannot recognize me!” he thought, “Are you sure? Do not you plést me with someone other?” he said, “looked at me in the light of the lamp!” That man did it, he was in sailor clothes. “I am very sorry, he said, “I thought you are someone other, I thought you are Prince Charming but he must be about forty years old now. Sorry.” Nothing!” Dorian said quickly, “it is ok, bye.” And he ran away. “What have you done?” asked that woman who recognized Dorian as Prince Charming. “Why you didn’t kill him? It is Prince Charming!”. “No,” sailor replied, “he must be about forty years old now but this one was about twenty.” “But it was Prince Charming! He didn’t grew old!” When sailor heard this he cried very loudly: “I will kill you, I will you Prince Charming!”

Few days later, Dorian Harry and their friends had a party. Dorian was listening to Harry again, he was saying his clever ideas again. One woman was listening too. “I must change my dress now,” she said. “Wait please, I will bring some flowers and you will look more beautiful.” “Oh, thanks.” So Dorian went out of the main party room. When Harry and that woman were on the stairs they heard a cry. It was very frightened cry. They run to the closest room. Dorian was laying on the ground, he was unconscious. Harry resurrected him. “What happened?” he asked. “I have seen a white face in window and than I became unconscious.” “Oh it is nothing just not be alone this night!” Dorian agreed. “It was face of that man in sailor clothes!” he thought himself.

Next day, Dorian, Harry and some of their friends were hunting. Unfortunately they killed someone. It was an accident. It was that man in sailor clothes. Dorian was very happy. He went to room with the picture, he looked at it. The man on it was evil, cruel and ugly with blood on his hand. Than he looked at himself to a mirror. He was still young and beautiful. He had pale face, blue eyes and blond hairs. Than he looked again on the picture. “I am very evil, I didn’t want to be evil, I only wanted to be forever young!” he thought, “What have I done? Many people died because of my stupid wish! The price for this wish is too high for me!”. There was a knife laying on the table, he touched it, he took it to his hand and impaled the painting with it.

People on the street heard very loud cry, cry of dying man. “It is house of Dorian Gray!” They told each other. When they and servants of Dorian entered the room, there was a man lying on the ground, he was wrinkled and ugly. His face was cruel and evil and he had blood on his hands. “It cannot be Dorian Gray. He was beautiful young man.” Than they looked at the picture, the man on it was young and beautiful face, with pale face, blue eyes and blond hairs.

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