Bolivian Customs

When we talk about bolivian customs we should know where Bolivia is situated. So Bolivia is situated in South America. There are (or was in 1996) nearly 8 mil. inhabitans. Now we should say something about customs. In Bolivia don't live too much Czech people so we don't know too much about this state. But though of this fact we should know something about their customs. So Bolivians aren't very punctual specially in things of time. It is also possible that you will wait for five or six hours on a train or bus. There are also lots of dirt. This state has more than enough of clerks but don't want anything from them. In the better case they will say you "Manana" or something like that. Don't be surprised if you will see clerks (in October) decorating the Christmas tree. It's normal and they don't expect that you need their service e.g. to continue travel. What you realize very soon is fact that clerks expect "Bakshish".

It's a "payment for their services". But problems aren't only with clerks. There are many other thinks to interfere you. E.g. policemen will stop you every part of your travel and they search for drugs. In actual sense they search your car for anything valuable (like cameras e.t.c.). As a tourist you should know another custom. It is that policemen really don't like advertising brochure, so if you belong to a travel company remember this when you begin your travel. Oh and the last thing: if you want to travel from Bolivia to other country gain visa to this country in your country. It's because the clerk system in Bolivia.

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