Brno the metropole of Moravia

Brno is county metropolis of South Moravian county. It is the second oldest town in moravia close after Olomouc, but also the second biggest town in Czech republic. In Brno live a population of about 400,000 . These 400.000 people want to amuse and Brno provides them a lot of amusement, which need each person. The inhabitants of Brno are very friendship people, which like to drink alcoholik drinks as beer, wine, and plum brandy. Those drinks are drunk in Czech republic time out of mind.

In Brno was even made out slang language callen “Hantec”. It was made out because criminals, street-walkers and other bums needed to talk among themselves so, as cops didn’t know what they said. This language is almost history, because the people in Brno are the thirt generation of people who talked thereby language.

In Europe people are acquainted Brno form different legends, what were written. For example about siege Brno by Swedish army during Thirty-Years War. Brno hasn’t been conquered because some man heard that Swedish army is going to attack. If the conquest of Brno will not successful to twelve o’clock the Swedish army will troop off. So that man went on bell tower of Petrov, ring the noon and Brno was saved.

The Petrov is the catedral of St. Peter situated on Petrov hill. It is the oldest church of Brno.
The St. Peter’s Tovers are used as lookout towers. From here is a wonderfull view on Brno and its enviroment. It si very interesting for tourists with cameras. They like take the photos of Brno, because they want to record this memory forever. The tourist can not only visti St. Peter’s cathedral. There are many sights to worth seeing. For example castle Špilberk and its big fortifications, where are located miracle cannons. The tourist can visit the exposition Casematy and Baron Trenck, who was busted at Špilberk Castle as political prisoner.

After this person was named the beer, which is produced by Starobrno brewery.

The free time in Brno can be spent in some museums, cinemas, theatres or festivals.

The museums in Brno are Anthropos, National etc.. From theatres I would like to appoint Reduta and Bratří Mrštíků, which is in the reconstruction a other for example National theatre in Brno, Town’s Theatre, Bolek’s Polívka Theatre etc.

There are arranged different festivals for example Brno The Town in the midle of Europe.

This festival takes one week. In this week have performance three powder men grups, from Czech republic. They compete, who will prepare the best fireworks. The fireworks single groups are arranged each of three days and as bonus all three groups will prepare common fireworks for last night.
The festival don’t mean only the fireworks, but also the rides by historical trams, buses and trolley buses.

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