It is name for big timber.They lived in western, southern and eastern Europe. Celts lived in the antiquity. The first literary reference to the Celtic people, as keltoi is by the Greek historian Hecataeus in 517 BC. According to Greek mythology, Celtus was the son of Heracles and Keltine, the daughter of Bretannus.

A Celtic cross combines the cross with a ring surrounding the intersection. It is the characteristic symbol of Celtic Christianity.

Druid or "knowing the oak tree"". Druids were celtic priesthood or celtic wizard. They adored elements of natural such as the sun, the moon and stars. Their calendar year was governed by the lunar, solar, and vegetative cycles.

Celtic polytheism

Celts adored many gods for example : Sucellus -The god with the hamer, Cernnunos -The horned god. Tarvos Trigaranus – the divine bull .

Celtic languages

Common Celtic", a branch of the greater Indo-European language family. During the 1st millennium BC, they were spoken in theEurope. Today, Celtic languages are now limited to a few areas in the British Isles, eastern Canada, Patagonia, scattered groups in the United States and Australia, and on the peninsula of Brittany in France.


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