Christmas present - LEGO

My best Christmas present was a big red box . It lie under the Christmas tree when I was 6. I unpacked it and saw a hunders of manycoloured bricks. It was Lego- the best toy all over the world. That evening I started with building a hospital. Next day it built a garage for my new car....Next days after Christmas, I tried to build a different buildigs and things for example cars, family houses, animal etc.

Next Christmas I received again the Lego, but the box was bigger than the first. It was two castles with the fighters, dragons, horses and magician.

I imitated a fairy- tales and I devised a lot of adventures stories for example I plaied on the hero who rescued with his friends the young pretty girl from the marauder`s castle. Or sometimes I was Robin Hood who takes the rich people a lot of money and this money give to poor people.

I think that the stories which I devised all were at least on the book.What a pity that I forgott all the stories.However now my boxes of Lego have my brother and I think that he play with this Lego similar as me.

I would like to commend to every parent`s who has got the young children of about 10 years old. I think that Lego rozvíjí the children`s imagination because they could build what they want (for example big monstres, strange houses etc.) and they could play on what they want.

magician- kouzelník
imitate- napodobit
devise- vymýšlet si
marauder- potulný zloděj
commend- doporučit
imagination- představivost

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