The first question which we have to ask if we want to speak about communication is: What is it? Communication is an exchange of informations. People can communicate in many ways. They can speak, write or they can use gestures. Many people can speak several languages. Everyone has his native language and most of them speak even some foreign language.

People use the bodylanguage all the time although they don’t awake to it. They move with hands or some other parts of their bodies and it can tell abroad very much about them. For example if somebody fold one’s arms, it can means that he lies.
Communication is a method how to express our feelings. If we are sad or happy most of us want to share these sensations. We need communicate when we feel lonely.

Now there are increasing many new ways of communication. That’s for example internet or cell phones. Advantage of internet is that you can send a letter and the receiver has it in a few seconds. For a while if you use a mail it can last even several days. Internet offers many possibilities how to find informations.

Now is pullulating sending SMS. That means Short Messaging Systém. It use mainly young people beause it’s the cheapest and the fastest way how to communicate for a long distances. But if you want to speak with somebody by SMS it can become expensive entertainment.

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