Difficult period of life

We have quite difficult period of life now.

We have to decide which way we would like to go. Which things will be important for us. What are we going to do in our future life. Which school to enter and after it which job would we like to do? But not only these, mostly personal problems, we’ll have to solve also problems about the Earth. Those like global warming, the problems in the third world, new and new illnesses and so on. In our future life we will see more and more things and problems to solve which will come in a few years but I hope that during this time we will have more possibilities to solve them.
In this not easy situation we are alone. Yes, of course there are parents, friends, but the main things we have to manage alone in our mind.
Our parents can show us possibility of life or their life priorities. But it is up to you if you will take them or you will build your own scale of values.
For some people the most important things in their life are money and success and they don’t need anything else to be happy. For other people it is a religion on the first place and they devote all their life to the God. But these are two extremes. Most of people want only a simply life happiness. To be healthy, to be successful, to have nice environment at home and so on. These are the priorities on the whole and they are quite similar for the most of the people in the earth. And the differences are exactly in the order of these values.
A few days ago I really thought that the most important thing for us is to be healthy but then the more I thought about it the more I recognised that the most important thing is to be loved. Because if there is nobody in the whole world who cares about you, the life is really sad and unhappy and it doesn’t depend on your health if you are loved. A few days ago I saw two blind people and they were really in love, despite of their handicap. The next thing that is important for me is freedom. Because freedom is one of the most important things in human life and also your happiness depends on it. I can’t and I don’t want to imagine that I can be punished for things I think, say or do. I am really sad about the situation in some countries, where people may not say or do things they want. Of course I think things in the borders of democratic law. For me in my life it is also faith important because it makes my life easier and more sensible. And the last of five most important values for me is success. And now I don’t think this kind of success when you are doing nothing and money and success will come to you. I would like to work hard and after it all to see that it is useful and good not only for me but also for other people. Success for me means job satisfaction and enough money. These are my life values. But now in a few mounts my biggest task will be to pass my last exams well and to pass entrance exams to the university.

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