Dog and Cat how they washed the floor

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It was at the time when Dog and Cat lived together. They had a small house at the wood. One day Cat said: We had dirty floor, we would wash it. Dog answers: I noticed I have to dirty legs. Cat put the soap on the table and she went to the another room to have some delicates to eating. She had hide two smoked mouses. Dog went for water and when he returned saw on the table something ping. He fought that it is something to eat and started to eat, but it was undelicious. He had foam from it in his mouth. When Cat returned she was surprised and she explained him than it was the soap not for eating but the washing the floor and recommanded him drink water. She find one crown and went for another soap. Dog went for another pail of water because of the water he drank. When Cat returned Dog ask: how we wasched the floor when we haven´t any brush. Cat answers: I found about it, you had so hard hair we could wasched the floor with you. Cat took Dog as he was the brush and scrubed with him the floor. The floor was wet but not really clean. Dog said: we could the floor wipe out. Cat you had so soft hair we could wipe out the floor with you and Dog took Cat and wiped out the floor with her, but after that they saw that the floor is clean but there are both very dirty. Thye decidet that they need to be wash as the clothes. They put the water to the bath and washed each other. After they hang up each other on the clothes line to dry up. When they was dry they put in clothes basket and they fallc asleep and they sleep here to the morning.

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