Edgar Allan Poe-The fall of the house of Usher


This book includes six tales.The tales are mostly horors or detective stories.Some of them are very ghostly but interesting and thrilling.The writer is usualy also a storyteller and he writes about his experiences.The experiences are often only in his fantasy and they could never happen.
I want to tell you about the story called…


It’s about the old ugly house which belongs to Usher’s family.They inherit the house from the father to the son and spend there the whole life.People from the nearest neightbourhood say about them that they are a little bit odd.Some of them are even afraid of the house.
One day came to the house a young man (it was the writer telling the story, but we can give him a name John) to visit his friend from childhood-Roderic Usher.Roderic sent him a letter because he wanted to see him-his best friend-because he was in ill health and had a mental disorder.John was very frightened and wanted to know what was happening with his friend.His fear was even bigger when he could see the desolate house and his old frind.He looked very sad and nervous.He told John about his sister (she was his twin) who was very sick and could die.John though that Roderic was so sad from his sister’s illness and he tried to make him cheerfull-he told him some stories, read his favourite books and listened his playing to the guitar.
In few days Roderic’s sister died.Roderic didn’t want to burry her dead body on cemetery because he though that she could be still alive.So they put her into the old tomb which was in the house’s cellar.
One night they couldn’t sleep because they still could hear some ghostly sounds.They were very frightened.They thought that the sounds could be caused by Roderic’s sister,who wanted to get out from the tomb.Suddenly the door had been opened and to the room came Roderic’s sister in bloody dress.She had been down on her brother and he died in enormous panic.
Outside were the big thunderstorm.In the moment of Roderic’s death the house had been hit by the lightning and after it it fell into the big morass which was behind the house.And it was the end of the house of Usher and it’s last inhabitants.

This story was very ghostly and thrilling.I read it in the very short time because I wanted to know what will happen in the next time.After reading it I was quite frightened.

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