English and me

ARRANGEMENT: 1. Introducing the language
2. Differences in English
3. History of English
4. Future of English
5. English and me
6. My experiences with English
7. Learning foreign languages


English is called the world language. There are several points which speak for it. For example that there is the large number of people who speak English all over the world.That is why we can make us understood better. Approximately 350 million of people speak English as their first language. About the same number use it as a second language. It`s a language of business, technology, science, Internet, sport and culture, world politic, it is used at United Nations. It is an official language of 44 countries.


But English has its own dialects and differences too. So we can hear many kinds of the same language. The most known differences are between English and American English. The differences can be in grammar or only in using some words. So for example when you`re in America you should say drugstore instead of chemists, movie theatre instead of cinema or vocation instead of holiday. but there are many other kinds of English for example English which is spoken in Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, Australia, Texas, India or Jamaica. In London there is a very special language called cockney. It is a language of the low class and it`s very hard to understand if you can`t it. You can watch it in a film “My fair lady” of G. B. Shaw. People who speak English belong to three groups: those who have learned it as their native language; those who have learned it as a second language in society that is mainly Billingual; and those who need this language for a practical purpose.


And now I`d like to mention something about history of English language. Today, when English is one of the major languages in the world, it requires an effort of an imagination to realiye that this is a relatively recent thing that ins Shakespeare`s time only a few million people spoke English. First people who influenced the English language were Celtic people. Many words today in English come from the Celts. Many other words come from the Romans. German brought their German language upon which most of English is based. Old English had many inflections to show singular and plural, tense, person and so on…, but over the centuries words have been simplified. Verbs now have very few inflections, and adjectives do not change according to the noun. Without inflections the same word can operate as many different parts of speach.


The future of English language is relatively clear, because of the fact that English is the language of world communication. This will no doubt continue, although the proposition that all other languages will die out is absurd.


I started learning English at the secondary school. At first it was difficult for me, because the words are other written and other pronounced. I like English because I can understand other people in the world. I used my English when we were with our class in London. I had very good feeling when I spoke to people who understood me. I can understand PC vocabulary and I can take part in chatting with the whole world. When I chat with anybody in the world I improve my English. It`s a way how to make acquaintance. I have learnt many interesting facts throw my English.


In the second school year I was with our class in London. We lived at the hostels family and it was very exciting for me. I could meet native speakers. And I think that I learned a lot of new words. At first it wasn`t light to understand but that I got used to. When I was in summer with my parents in German I met a lot of foreigner which spoke English and I understood them. I was happy when I understood it.

Sometimes I listen to music and especially American songs. I understand it but sometimes no because of their dialect. I`m happy if I could learn new words throw radio or Tv. Time to time I watch satellite chanells but in the TV news the English speakers speak to quick and sometimes is hard to understand them.


Knowing another language will allow you not only to communicate with people from other countries and learn their cultures, it will also assist you in practical ways. Students in all fields will be able to apply the skills and knowledge that studying foreign language provides. Most important is fact that studying another language helps you become more competitive after graduation from school. In my personal experience, learning a foreign language opened up totally new doors and allowed me to have a much broader range of experiences.

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