Enviromental problems

Our planet, named Earth, is the 3rd planet from the Sun in our solar system. This fact makes it suitable for life. There is neither too hot nor too cold. The water is liquid, the air is proper for breathing and the soil is fit for breeding. We are living together on this Green planet, so we are responsible what is here happening. As I said there are four basic things for life: the air, the water, the soil and the Sun. The paradox is that people pollute them, althought all living beings share them.

Almost all human´s activities produce some waste. People want bigger houses, better cars, enough food and a lot of entertainment and animals, forests, fish, the whole nature have to pay for it. Cars, aircraft, big power plants, factories and all branch of industry produce exhaust: carbon dioxide, nitrates or CFC´s. Carbonic gas causes the Greenhouse effect and it leads to global warming. If the average temperature rises up by several degrees, the icebergs will melt and the sea levels will move up by 5 metres or more. The huge areas will be flooded and millions of people will lose their home. The higher temperature will surely kill micro plankton in our oceans that is producing one third of all oxygen. But people do not care about these problems. They are blind and deaf. For example in Brazil local inhabitants burn down the Rain forest and every year they destroy an area as big as France. If they burn down the whole forest 25mld of tons of carbon dioxide will go to the atmosphere and the impact will be devastating.

Our atmosphere is full of noxious gases, but people continue producing them. One of the biggest problems is our ozon hole. Ozon layer protects us from the direct ultra violet radiation that could kill all kinds of life. Freons, produced by humans, decimate the ozon layer and leads to a big danger.
We are making millions of new products, but the old things we put into dumps. We should recycle everything, because we won´t have enough materials in the future. At the moment 94% of world´s energy comes from fossil fuels, but in twenty years there will be neither oil nor coal. We have other possibilities such as solar, wind or water energy, but it is too expensive.
We should improve our lifes and start to behave a bit different way. The way we can go together with our nature.

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