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I read a book by Erich Segal and its name is Love Story. Erich Segal was a well-known American author and writer of film script. His first novel was Love Story. It has been a world-wide-bestseller, and also a very popular film. The book relates about two young students.
Oliver Barrett IV. is clever, strong, pleasant and he studies in Harvard a law. His father is a very rich banker in Boston. He plays ice- hockey at Ipswich, Massachusetts. He is the better player of the Iva League. He likes driving a car very speed. Jennifer Cavilleri is clever, ambitious, sensitive and cheerful, but her father is a very poor baker from Craston in Rhode Island. She studies in Radcliffe university a music. She plays the harp at Bach company. She likes going to the cinema, at the conserts, she likes listening the Bach and the Beatles.
When Olli went to the Radcliffe library to lent a book, so he met Jenny. They fell in love. He invited her to a hockey match. They won 7:0. After that he acompaned Jenny to the dorm. A few weeks later Olli was hurt in the match at Cornell university. It was a finall of the Iva League. They lost 3:7. From the time Olli and Jenny had been together, so sometimes they had kissed, but that was all. Jenny would like to go to France to stady a music at a famous music teacher. Olli would not lost her, so he asked Jenny to marry him. They drove to visit his pearents and he met Jenny with them. They stayed for dinner. They talking about Oliver and his plans. A few days later, when Olli had a lunch with his father at the Harvard club in Boston, so father said: „ If you marry her now, you will get nothing from me!“ He decided, that to do it. Before long they drove to visit Jenny´s father. His name is Phill. They met each other. Phill agreed to their wedding. Though Olli´s father was rich, he must request at scholarship. In the summer, when Jenny graduated from university and Olli graduated from Harvard the next day, they prepare a wedding. It was on the next Sunday. It was very quiet and very beautiful. For three years they had to make every dolar do the work at two. In September they founded a „cheap“ flat near the university. Jenny had to teach at the music school when Olli studied. When Oliver Barrett III. had sixtieth birthday, so Olli IV. get an invitation card, which he refused and much Jenny very angry. When the letter came from the Law School, it changed their live. They moved to a beautiful flat in NY. Olli worked for Jonas and Marsh´s office. They would like a baby. His name will be Bozo. They had a name for their children and they wanted him very much. They became worried and they went together to see a doctor. Jenny will never have children. She was very ill. She has a blood desease, but she didn´t know about it. Olli must be a natural. When did Jenny get to know truth, that she died, she said him: „You must be strong.“ A month later Jenny was playing Chopin on the piano. Suddenly she stopped and decided to go to the hospital. Olli wanted the best for Jenny. He realized that he need money, so he drove to visit his father. His father lent him $ 5000. Phill and Olli lived for hospital visiting hours. Thand she died, she said: „Thanks, Ollie.“ Those were her last words. In entrance hall of hospital, he came across his fathet. He said him, what the metter with Jenny. They made one´s peace each other.
Fragment: Love means you never have to say you´ re sorry.

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