Ernest Hemingway

He was born in Oak park in Chicago in 1898. His father was a physician.
During World War I. He was ambulance driver in Europe. He was disappointed by society. He belonged to “lost generation” of writers. They were affected by horrors of the war.
His first book of stories was publishes in 1925 In Our Time. His heroes are always strong man, sportsman, but they are handicapped physically or mentally.
Novel Sun Also Rises is about Jake Barnes, he is in Spain and falls in love with English woman. But he is seriously injury.
Novel Farewell to Arms is about World Was I. It is about love of American lieutenant and English nurse. They wanted run away before war. They go to Switzerland but she dies during child-birth.
Novel To Have And Have Not is about economic crisis.
Famous For Whom The Bell Tolls is about Spanish civil war. Young american man Jordan comes in Spain to help against fascism. He help them and pays with his live.
Hemingway loved nature and hunting wild animals in Africa. About this thema are books- Death in the Afternoon, Green Hills of Africa.
In WW II. Was H. war-reporter, he was in Paris during its taking. After war he was ill. He wrote love- stories- Across The River, Into The Trees.
Hemingway was awarded Nobel Prize for his Old Man And The Sea. Its story about old poor fisherman Santiago.
Hemingway wrote in critic realism. He used short sentences in which he could say everything.
During his live he drunked, he made a suicide in 1961.

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