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I would like to introduce you a brilliant book I read and enjoyed very much. The title of the book is The Old Man and the Sea. This book was written by Ernest Hemingway and it is very well-known. Some reviewers say that it is the best book Ernest Hemingway had ever written. It was written after the Second World War and published by Charles Scribner`s Sons in New York in 1952.

The story takes place in Cuba in a very small village. The main character is the very old fisherman called Santiago. He used to be a very successful fisherman, but now as he gets older he doesn’t catch very much at all. He feels very upset about it and therefore he decides to set off to the sea and catch a big fish to show that he isn’t so useless at all. He is so desperate to catch it because he needs to prove himself that he’s still a man.

So one day he set off to the sea. He went considerably far away from the cost - on the place he thought he would find a big fish. And fortunately the fish was really there! It was very huge, beautiful and strong fish. The old man managed to catch it even though it had taken him a good deal of time and he was awfully tired and exhausted. But a funny feeling came over to him - he felt unhappy when he had to kill the fish. He loved the fish and he talked to her like she was a human. Hemingway maintains that we all are the children of the nature and not its dictators. I think that this expression is very truthful and everyone should think about it. Furthermore Hemingway says that the fight could run without the hate and it doesn’t have to be bloody and gruesome.

So this book isn’t only a tale about an old man and his fish. It’s about us, about our behavior to each other and to the nature. I would sincerely recommend it to anyone.

Thanks to this masterpiece was E. Hemingway awarded the Nobel price in 1954.

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