What it is family? Is it the natural and fundamental group unit of societ, and men and women of full age,…
I‘ll say two people an their children. And what am I thinking about it ? My opinion is, that family is one of the most important things , that we have. Maybe it is not only mum and dad , who make family nice and harmonious. It depends on the relationships in the family and between members in it. Nowadays there are a lot of problems, which influence the family and relationships in it… For example - unemployment, money, drugs, alcohol, disrespect,….and so on. People work a lot to earn enough money for their family. They are in stress , tired and unhappy. They have not enough time to be with the family and everyone is unhappy about it….
But exist something between it ?
One of the basic rights of the family is to decide how many children to have and when to have them.
The full family mean much for children. Growing up in the full and harmonious family will be influence all future life of this person. The family should be the place , where you will be return every time glad. The place, where you will feel comfortable and happy . But is the ideal of family identical with reality ???
In America is common to leave the family in the age of 18 to 20 . In the Czech Republic it is not very usual . I think that every of that ways is good. But I will may be prefer the American way , however I love my family and I like to be with them and I love to chat with my granny .
In fact family is everywhere same.
Of course there are some different habits and many other difference {Muslims] , but meaning of the family is same. People want to be with love persons .
So you are home , where you are with people, who love you and you love them.

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