Food in Great Britain (Anglie a stravování)

In England people prefer the motto „Eat for live“ but not live for eat.

English people eat quite healthy and sometimes less than in other countries.

In Britain have people usually for breakfast milkcereals with a glass of juice or toastsmarmelade, jam or honey with tea or coffee, but they can have a typical breakfast too. It is a bacon, egg, sausage, tomato and beans. They have it about 9 o’clock and that’s why they have a lighter lunch bout 12 or 1. The typical lunch are sandwiches. They have a lot of sorts of it.

Dinners are the main meal of the day and they have 2 courses:
at first they have a warm meat. Typical is beef steak or roast beef with potatoes or fish and chips. And the second course is usually something sweet.

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