For many people in our country food, eating, sometimes also cooking, is a downright pleasure. There are some people who eat just once a day. They have got one continuous meal, others are figure-conscious and try to fast, cut down on about meals. We eat more than the British or American do and our food is known to be less healthly. The Czechs are used to eating many floury, sweet and fatty meals, such as dumplings, pastry, fat pork and sausages.
In different parts if Britain people have different eating habits. In England daily meals usually start with breakfast, which consists of something to drink such as tea with sugar and lemon, cold or warm milk or cocoa. Most people breakfast on several slices of bread, rolls or buns and butter, processed or natural cheese, eggs, ham, salami, jam and so on. They can also have something sweet. Quite a lot of people eat cereal or cornflakes with ingredients like yoghurt, chocolate, stewed fruit, walnuts, hazelnuts an so on. They must always remember that breakfast must be healthly, light and easily digestible. Unlike the Czechs who have their morning cup of coffee or tea, a roll or slice of bread, some cheese, salami, or a cake in haste, the English take their time having breakfast.
In the middle of the morning they have elevenses, which usually not more than a cup of coffee and biscuits. Sometimes, often at weekends, when they get up later, they have brunch, a combinatioun meal which is eaten for breakfast and lunch.
Around noon it is lunchtime. Most people take their meals at the school canteen, or local canteen, but some people prefer going to a restaurant or having fast food in a McDonalds. But I assume that these meals are neither healthy no substantial. Soups may be either vegetable or meat teas. The main dish can be either sweet such as fruti dumplings or pancakes with jam and cream. Or we can have some meat with some vegetables such as potatoes, chips, rice, Czech dumpling, pasta or bread. More healthly fish and poultry are slowly replacing beef and pork. It is healthy to drink at least one glass of mineral water, juice, tea or bread, after each meal. Scientists recommend drinking at least two litres of water per a day.
Czech main meal of the day is lunch. It is usually a two course meal which consists of soup and the main course. The Czech favourite food is pork with dumplings and cabbage. It is not very good for health.
Around four o'clock it is teatime. While in our country na afternon snack is not common, in Britain it is a special occasion. The traditional tea consists of thin slices of white or brown bread nad butter with cheese, fish or ham, perhaps some vegetables, and jam, cakes, fruit pies, biscuits and tea or coffee which in England are drunk with milk unless you ask for black coffee or only tea. Nowadays many people do not eat much at teatime but they have at least one cup of coffee or tea. It is a small tradition in my family. It started, when we moved to our house.
The hot dinner which is served around 7 o'clock may have three or four courses. It consists of soup or some other starter, then the main course which is followed by a dessert and finally perhaps cheese and biscuits. The meat may be a stew, chops, a meat pie, a roast joint or fish if it is Sunday, with potatoes and one or two of the other vegetables. Beef and mutton or lamb are much more favoured than pork. As a dessert they may have fruit, fruit salad, fruit pie, fruit cake, pudding with custard, jelly with cream. With the meal they have got beer, cider or wine. they finish their dinneer with coffee rather than tea.
I will describe a food, what I eat in day. I start with breakfast at 6 o'clock. It consists of slice of bread with marmelade or piece of cake. My family eat after me, because I am first, who wake up. Than I eat small elevense in the school. It is usually roll with salaimi or cheese. When I'll come at home, I eat lunch. It is a difficult to say, which food my family prefer. My mum don't like the experiments, so she makes what she knows, it is good. My mother makes very good soups, but I am not very hungry and I haven't got time for soup. I eat only main course. My father love meals. He likes every meals. It is a downright plesure for him. He is very slim and he is an eater. It is a mystery for me.
The Czechs evening meal is not so nutritious if people have a hot meal at midday. It may be some cold meat, salami, ham, cheese, eggs, bread or rolls and some vegetables. Some people prefer a hot meal too. they may have pancakes, potato pancakes, piza, stews or goulash with bread, casseroles, risotto or pasta with meat sauce. Some people may have a similar dish as at midday except soup, although some thick soup with bread may be a separate evening meal.
On some special occasion such as Christmas, traditional food is served both in Britain and in our country. Fish soup, fried carp and potato salad, It is a habit in my family. Many English families prepare roast goose with dumplings and dinner. The British Christmas Day meal is rost turkey with chestnut stuffing, potatoes and renowed Christmas pudding and mince pies as a sweet.
In the past the British cuisine did not enjoy a very good reputation. But has improved considerably. Also the renowed English picnic has changed because people like more comfort today.

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