Czech breakfast is cup of coffee or tea, a roll or slice of bread, some cheese, salami or piece of cake. Some people don't eat this food, because they don't have time for.

Czech main meal of the day is lunch, unlike in England where it is dinner. It is usually a two-course meal which consist of soup and the main course. The Czech favourite food - pork with dumplings and cabbage. It is not very good for healt. We beginning to cook healthier meals. Pork and beef is being replaced by poultry and fish.

For dinner Czechs eat cold meat, salami, cheese, eggs, slices of bread or rolls and some vegetables.

I will descripe food, what I eat in day. I start with breakfast. It's slice of bread with marmelade or piece of cake. My family eat after me, because I am that first, who wake up. Then I eat snack in school. It is roll with salami or cheese. When I don't go to the school, I don't eat snack.
When I came home, I eat lunch. It is difficult to say, which food my family preferd. My mum don't like experiment foods, so she doing what she know, it is good. My mother cook very good soups, but I am not very hungry and I eat only main course.

At 3 pm it is coffeetime. It is small tradition in my family. It started, when we moved to our house. Dinner isn't so important for us, but we have it every day. We eat some slice of bread or a roll, cheese or salami with some paprika or tomatoes. Sometimes it is eggs or gulasch soup.

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